About me

Coming from a product design education, since 2010, I deal with digital products. I like to define myself as a generalist though my main fields of expertise are UX, UI design and front-end development.

Working in a team-driven environment, cooking for my family, SVGs, and rugby are the things I like the most.

You can follow me on LinkedIn, or reach out via email: tommasocolloca@gmail.com.


Starting as a freelance, since 2010, I’ve been working at the intersection of design, business consultancy, and web development.

In 2017, I moved from marketing agencies to the human resources management field to elevate digital user experiences for big companies' employees.

I have the opportunity to learn a lot and impact millions of people’s experiences.


It is essential to know how to build the designs I produce. It means I don’t design anything that can’t technically be created (usually).

One of the most important lessons during my design studies was that form follows function. This principle may sound banal but is a driver for my design work and a way to stimulate clients and team members.

What to learn next

Lately, I enjoyed design thinking workshops with clients, participatory design and UX research; I knew only the theory before, but having the chance to lead some of them, prizing empathy and teamwork, was almost a revelation.

I’m now expanding my knowledge in the UX research and design thinking process and applying them in my daily work.